SINAM works for the recovery and well-being of drug addicts through CONCERN, PROVISION OF CARE and MUTUAL SUPPORT, giving them a programme to gain a better perspective on their lives.

Our addiction treatment programme focuses on supporting our residents to maintain long-term abstinence from mood-altering substances through holistic and a 12-step based intervention. These are undertaken along with teaching of new methods to cope with the issues that face residents in their daily life including encounters within their immediate environment.


Men, women, youth/students and street children, inmates of correctional institutions suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. At SINAM we also provide after-care programmes which includes skills training and family outreach activities that facilitate long term recovery.

In our outreach programme we work with health care works, teachers, churches and mosques, prisons, police, health institutions, educational institutions and workplaces.


SINAM provides treatment to any individual regardless of their ethnic background or religious persuasion. It is our conviction that the development of efficient social institutions and structures are critical for the development of individuals and communities. We see this as a basis for rebuilding physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually the aspects of their lives which have been destroyed by chemical dependency. We believe that - with the right treatment, focused on inner strength of an individual and supported by inputs within a safe space - the intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of the individual’s life will be recovered.

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