• SINAM’s background information
  • Treatment philosophy
  • Addiction treatment – ten years of SINAM’s experience
  • Drug addiction in Kenya – what we know
  • Drug addiction in Mombasa – a treacherous territory
  • Addiction and the workplace in Kenya
  • Drug abuse and education in Kenya
  • Drug abuse and youth in Kenya
  • Drug abuse and religion
  • The drug trade, abuse, treatment and the law in Kenya
  • Drugs and solvent abuse amongst street children in Kenya
  • Referral system in addiction treatment – SINAM’s perspectives
  • Network-building for addiction treatment and effective service delivery
  • Addiction treatment- essentiality of multifaceted training approaches
  • Project development in Western Kenya
  • Capacity-building for community development
  • Addiction terminology – local scene
  • Database of caregivers in the region

SINAM Publications

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