Organizational Structure

Currently, the committee is comprised of members from different organisations in Kenya. They are selected for their experience and professional backgroud. They are nominated by a membership committee and appointed by a full board and shall serve two six-year terms. The board is composed of 4 females and 5 males.


  • The board does not approve grants but rather delegates its authority to the director and other staff members.
  • Reviews approved action plans at regular board meetings.
  • In addition to attending meetings, the board members are also called on for informal consultation and problem-solving assistance during the year.
  • They are not paid sitting allowances for board services, but logistical aspects regarding meetings are taken care of since most activities of the organisation are undertaken on a voluntary basis.


  • Is to cover the full range of policy approvals for the organisation’s activities – grant-making, investments and management.
  • A five-person committee works with the organisation’s executive offices between board meetings.
  • The governance practices of the board of SINAM are described in a set of documents including ethos, standards of independence, and NGO act provisions, as adopted by the board and made available in the organisation archives (in printed and electronic form).
  • The committees of the board include audit committee, membership (nominating committee), management and governance committee, investment committee, asset-building and community development committee.
  • The organisation has an annual process to evaluate the performance of the board committees and individual members.

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