Main Services

  • Medically assisted detoxification
  • Counselling (one-on-one and group therapies)
  • Awareness creation about drugs in the community
  • Training workshops and seminars on drugs and related issues in schools, churches and mosques and for care workers from government departments and other care service organisations
  • Support for local authorities ineffective service delivery for the care of the elderly, the homeless, and street children
  • Resource centre for community reading and access to information on addiction prevention and treatment, mental health, education, development issues
  • Helpline for people in need of care services especially in connection with drugs and health-related problems
  • Centre for a research-backed database on various addiction- and mental-health-related problems in Kenya
  • Drug services to prisons, educational institutions and workplaces
  • Contact point for networking in Nyanza and western provinces, including neighbouring countries around Lake Victoria (The Great Lakes Region) for meetings and seminar facility

Costs of Services

SINAM takes a collective self-reliance approach to recovery, which informs the mobilisation of resources for treatment. This is informed by the acknowledged challenge of persons from poor communities to access services. We also rely on well-wishers for basic needs and to make the programme affordable and accessible to a large population of person in need. We also have special arrangements for coverage under the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) (Rehabilitation for drugs and substance abuse).

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